Hi friends, I have to tell you there is no HSK level 7 vocabulary list. The highest HSK level is 6. You can download the PDF file  HSK 1 - 6 vocabulary listed in HSK vocabulary full version.

You can learn more about the Chinese special test if you'd like to challenge advanced Chinese(Mandarin). The Chinese special test contains HSKK, YCT, BCT, MCT.

The HSKK is a Spoken Chinese Proficiency Test. It contains HSKK (Elementary), HSKK (Intermediate), and HSKK (Advanced).

The YCT is Chinese Test for Elementary and Middle School Students. It is divided into two parts: a written test and an oral test, which are independent of each other. The written test consists of four levels; the oral test consists of two levels.

The BCT is Business Chinese Test. It is divided into two parts: the written test and the oral test, which are independent of each other. The written test includes the BCT(A) and the BCT(B).

The Medical Chinese Test of Proficiency (MCT) is designed for international medical students, students who study medicine in Chinese abroad, and non-first language Chinese speaking medical and nursing staff who use Chinese in clinical practice at home and abroad, to test their ability to communicate in Chinese with patients, medical and nursing staff and related personnel in medical/medical settings.

You can use the Chrome extension to improve your Chinese vocabulary effectively with highlight and collect the Chinese words you don't understand in your everyday reading.

From 焦点:纽约殡仪馆及墓地服务不堪重负 逝者过多需另寻安葬地

Highlight and collect Chinese words
Highlight and collect Chinese words 

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Collect new word '拍胸口'
Collect new word '拍胸口' from Weibo

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Collect new word '拍胸口' from Zhihu

Vocabulary Calendar

Chinese Vocabulary Calendar List
Chinese Vocabulary Calendar List

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