You can learn very basic Chinese characters through HSK vocabulary.

But if you plan to read Chinese local news, learn Chinese culture, communicate with Chinese students, live in China, etc. You have to expand your Chinese vocabulary exactly.

But how do you improve your Chinese vocabulary?

Reading is very important to help you expand your new words. Read Chinese news like SouthCN(南方网, Chinese local news website), read something you like to know such as Zhihu(知乎, China’s Quora equivalent).

You can use the Chrome extension to highlight and collect the Chinese words you don't understand in your everyday reading.

Highlight and collect Chinese words

From 焦点:纽约殡仪馆及墓地服务不堪重负 逝者过多需另寻安葬地

Highlight the new words while reading Zhihu - Like Quora to get information.

Collect new word '应聘' from Zhihu

The pop-up of definition shows you Pinyin, audio and English translated.

You will get a vocabulary calendar.

Your new Chinese vocabulary calendar list

Most importantly, the saved words will be marked automatically if they appear on subsequent web pages. You can review in different context.

After using the Burning Vocabulary for a long time, you will find that the more new words you highlighted, the fewer words you don’t know.

In addition, after the learning language is changed to English, you can mark and save English vocabulary.

Mark words on The New York Times
Vocabulary calendar - English
Vocabulary calendar - English