In this article I will teach you to learn English while browsing The New York Times. It's very effective. Let's see why to choose the New York Times as the reading materials. That's you can learn english online by yourself.

3 reasons to choose The New York Times

As we know, the New York Times is an international newspaper based in New York. There are 3 reasons why I recommend you to read The New York Times to learn English.

Reason 1
The official website user-interface is a little bit clean. I mean there are fewer advertisements.

Reason 2
There are very professional writers and reporters in the New York Times. The content is very professional.

Reason 3
There is more than 20 industry that they report from all over the world. So that you can read different content from different industries.  This will help you improve your vocabulary exactly.

The step to start learning

Firstly, open The New York Times website.

Second, choose an industry and then pick an article that you'd like to read.

Pick an article to read on New York Times
Pick an article to read

Third, start to read the title and sub-topic. Make sure you understand the English article's topic. You should check the words that you don't understand and use a notebook to write it down. These new words that you should review after your reading.

You can also use the Burning Vocabulary to collect new words while reading The New York Times. It's a Chrome/Edge browser plugin.

Look up the new words while reading The New York Times
Look up the new words

Yes, that's simple. Read then look up words. If you read more you can learn more new English words.

Most of the vocabulary comes from reading

You will remember the new words if you keep everyday reading.

Vocabulary calendar
Vocabulary calendar

Final words

Read The New York Times, then learn new English words. Keep it in your everyday. One year later, you will learn a bunch of words.