Do you want to learn English for fun and effective? You first need to find some English video courses.

Luckily, thousands of English teachers are teaching on Youtube. The most important is all courses are free.

You can practice your speaking and listening with native English teachers. Besides, there are lots of lessons with fun. They will teach your pronunciation, studying routine, daily common words, phrases,  some native culture, etc.

Improve your English vocabulary with everyday reading.

Here are the 7 best Youtube channels for you to learn English.

Learn with the best teacher.

1. English with Lucy

Lucy is a British woman with a native British accent. You can listen real beautiful British English accent.

English with Lucy
Learn beautiful British English for free on Youtube with English teacher Lucy Bella Earl.

2. Speak English With Vanessa

Vanessa speaks friendly and fun. She has a sweet voice and a positive to live.

Speak English With Vanessa
Speak English naturally, confidently, and fluently with Vanessa. Subscribe for free YouTube lessons every Friday. Speak English by joining a fluency course: ...

3. Learn English with Bob the Canadian

Bob is a Canadian teacher. So he can explain clearly with his words. He likes to teach you in real places such as the market, winter, etc.

Learn English with Bob the Canadian
Do you want to learn English? Then you have come to the right place. Each week I upload 2 to 3 videos to help you learn and improve your English. I upload vi...

4. mmmEnglish

She teaches lots of English grammar and helps you improve your pronunciation.

Hello! I’m Emma, your YouTube English Coach! Welcome to mmmEnglish! My channel is about helping you to build the skills and confidence you need to speak in E...

5. linguamarina

She is Russian and lives in California now. She's an experienced person about learning English. She speaks English fluently.

Hey there! I am an entrepreneur and YouTuber. One day I realized I want to move to California, got my company LinguaTrip into a top Silicon Valley incubator 500 startups and got an O1 visa sticker in my passport. Here are a quick few links to get in touch: 1. If you want to book a language course…

6. Learn English with Gill (engVid)

Gill is British. She teaches different levels of students. She has close to 100 lessons on Youtube with phrases, idioms, vocabulary,  grammar, interview! You can learn from start to end.

Learn English with Gill (engVid)
Simple and easy English lessons for all levels! Hi! My name is Gill, and I’m based in London, UK. I’ve been teaching for 25 years. I’ve been lucky to have ha...

7. A.J. Hoge

A.J. Hoge
The Effortless English Youtube Channel of A.J. Hoge. AJ is known as the #1 English teacher in the world. He is famous for creating powerful English speakers ...

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And One More Thing...

Burning Vocabulary is a Chrome/Edge plugin for free. You can use it to look up the words you don't understand on Youtube subtitles. It's very user friendly.

A gif file that shows look words on Youtube Subtitles
Look words on Youtube Subtitles