This article covers:

  • What is Tweet?
  • Why tweet can increase your vocabulary?
  • 4 steps to use Tweet to improve your vocabulary?

What is Tweet?

Simply say, a Tweet is a message sent on Twitter. The message maybe a text, a picture, a video, or audio, etc. Most of tweets are pure text. 330 million people are active monthly. That means there will be generated at least  330 million tweets in a month. And most tweets in English.

why tweet can improve your vocabulary?

Broad vocabulary

Lots of people from different industries. Some are engineers, some are students, some are doctors, some are managers, some are journalists, etc. They send tweet text in a different vocabulary.

Marcelo Lebre from @remote is an engineer

Allison Grayce is an creator and designer

And also some are written vocabulary and spoken vocabulary. You can read a variety of vocabulary in your thread.

Just an example, some words you may don't know

Without boring

As we know, it's very effective learning stuff if you are interested in it. You can keep it for a long time without boring. You do not need a motivator.

interest is the best teacher

Twitter is a short text limited to 280 characters. It's not long. And some are jokes. You can read the latest tweets from others. So that you do not lose your interest and keep reading in your everyday.

I will guide you to learn English with tweets step by step in the next section.

4 steps to use Tweet to improve your vocabulary?

You need to register a Twitter account before these steps.

Step #1: Follow people who tweet in English.

You can use the Twitter search feature to find people from different countries and industries in English.

Then follow he/she. You will see the new tweets from the people you followed

Do not follow the people who tweet in your native language as possible.

Step #2: Read  new tweets in everyday

Use your computer to open the Twitter official website. Then read the latest tweets. Make sure you understand one of the tweet you are reading.

A tweet from @teachergoals

It's very convenient to use the Burning Vocabulary to look up the words that you don't understand.

Look up the words "pandemic"

Step #3: Collect the words you don't understand

One of the most important is that you should collect new words you don't understand. It's less impact on your vocabulary if you do not collect the new words during you read tweets. So I encourage you to collect the words you don't understand.

Burning Vocabulary calendar

Burning Vocabulary is a Chrome/Edge plugin that you can use to collect the new words during your reading. It gives you a vocabulary calendar that shows your new vocabulary in your daily reading.

Step #4: Review your collected words

Do not forget to review the words you collected. Most of these words are very common in use. Because it comes from tweets.

You can also use Flashcards to review your new Vocabulary.

News Vocabulary Flashcard
Sentence snapshot

The flashcard is supported by Burning Vocabulary.

Final thoughts

English learning is a process. Learn English words by your everyday tweets reading. Make sure to collect new words and review them. Have fun and effective.

If you keep reading in a year. You will get more than 1000 new words. That's really useful for improving your English vocabulary.