I'm sure you read tons of articles/blog/text stuff. But many readings do not really understand these words. It is wasting your time. You just get a little information.

This is why we decided to write an article about the 2 tools Rewordify and Burning Vocabulary.

In this post, we'll cover the 2 tools to use it to help with your reading effortlessly.

What is Rewordify?

Have you ever use simple words to explain a word to your colleague, a child, any other who don't understand?

Yes, Rewordify is an online tool that explains a difficult word to you with a few easy understandable words.

Rewordify home page
Rewowdify Home Page

How to use Rewordify?

It will simplify a web page or text so that you can understand these words. Let me give you an example with Sorted 3 — an App to Schedule Your Day like Elon Musk.


Copy the link to the textarea then submit.

An example to use Rewordify
rewordify a web page
Rewordify before
simplify before
Rewordify after
simplify after

Do you see the word 'astonishment'? The Rewordify convert it to 'extreme surprise'.  The word 'solar' - > 'hugely'.

Very surprised! Keep reading the next tool - Burning Vocabulary.

What is Burning Vocabulary?

Burning Vocabulary is a Chrome/Edge extension(some people like to say the extension is a plugin) that can help you learn english words effortlessly.

You just need to highlight the words you don't understand. It will show the word's definition so that you can understand it with an understandable definition.

a screenshot that show highlight a word 'astonishment'
highlight a word 'astonishment'

Yes, the word astonishment's definition.

overpowering wonder or surprise; amazement:
an object or cause of amazement.

More importantly. The saved words will be highlighted if they appear on subsequent web pages.

An example that shows auto-mark with the Burning Vocabulary
auto highlight the saved words

You can review it in a different context. This tool can exactly improve your vocabulary easily.

How to use Burning Vocabulary?

You can install it by Chrome web store or Microsoft Edge Addons. It's very user friendly.

You can delete the word that you already understand it on the Vocabulary Calendar.

New word's collector
Vocabulary calendar

The Vocabulary Calendar is like a collector that you can collect all the words you don't understand while you are reading.

Just move your mouse cursor to check the definition of the words.

Final words

Use Rewordify and Burning Vocabulary to help your reading and understand better. Some tools are exactly a life-saver. Leverage the 2 tools you can run fast.