The new HSK was released in 2021. The new HSK (HSK 3.0) test standard will be implemented on July 1, 2021. This means that you will have to study to the new HSK standard in order to meet the requirements of the exam.

HSK Version and Years

HSK Version Year Level
HSK 3.0 Jul. 2021 - Level 1 to Level 9
HSK 2.0 2009 - Jul. 2021 Level 1 to Level 6
HSK 1.0 1990 - 2009 Level 1 to Level 11

New HSK 3.0: What’s Changing?

Here’s what’s happening to HSK: Three Stages and Nine Levels

AdvancedLeve 7-9+202/11001200/3000+5636/11092+148/572
IntermediateLevel 6+86/908+300/1800+1140/5456+67/424
Level 5+98/822+300/1500+1071/4316+71/357
Level 4+116/724+300/1200+1000/3245+76/286
ElementaryLevel 3+140/608+300/900+973/2245+81/210
Level 2+199/468+300/600+772/1272+81/129
Level 126930050048

New HSK 1-6 vocabulary list full version
The new HSK was released as the “HSK 3.0” in Mar, 2021. A new 3-stage-9-level scale, aiming to describe learners’ Chinese abilities more accurately. HSK is the acronym for hàn yǔ shuǐ píng kǎo shì (汉语水平考试), which means “Chinese Proficiency Standards Test”.