About Burning Vocabulary

What's the Burning Vocabulary?

Burning Vocabulary is a Chrome extension to help language learners enhance their vocabulary faster and effectively. It's an innovative tool. Let your new words in real events, news, social media and so on. It supports mainly language. This tool did not let you just memorize words but really use it. Give up boring, tasteless methods.

Where it comes from?

In Aug. 2019, It was created by a Chinese software engineer during studying English. He is reading some tech articles in English and found some new words in articles, and then he wants to collect these words he doesn't know. He cares about some news like Hongkong, America 2020 election, and tech article, etc. He thinks vocabulary relative to events, news, etc may more easy to memorize and use. So he adds new features to this tool. It really improves his vocabulary and helps him.

Why is Burning Vocabulary?

As we all know, human being loves news, idea, event, etc. We check the newspaper, watch TV, play social media and so on. Collect new words you don't know and memorize these words more easily through these events, news threads.