Our Mission

Expanding and connecting your vocabulary

Our History

Our founder is You Shao Hua. He is a software engineer. Last year, he was checking some tech development documents. But he didn't know some of the words, so he wanted to collect these words that are new to him. He likes tweets of his following, he likes to check Google news, he likes reading Medium posts, etc. His brain loves news, tweets, posts, etc. So he remembered some of the vocabulary. He thinks he should focus on these words that are new to him, and then repeat. So, he launched this project that is 'Mark the words you don't understand while surfing the web, faster and effectively'.

Our Team

We provide a tool that is a Chrome browser extension that can help you expand your vocabulary. Now, We have a 2 team, one is the development team and another is the support team. we want to write amazing code to optimization this project. We want to change memorizing vocabulary rules, make them faster and effectively.

Why is Burning Vocabulary

As we all know, human being loves news, idea, event, etc. We check the newspaper, watch TV, play social media and so on. Collect new words you don't know and memorize these words more easily through these events, news threads. It helps you learn the meaning and memorize the words effortlessly by marking and associating them with sentence context on events, news, social media, tech posts, articles.

Use everyday, repeat, and make it have a relevance. Save language learners learning time.

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