Getting Started With Burning Vocabulary


Well, Burning Vocabulary is a browser extension. It's easy to install. You can install it step by step below.

  1. Firstly, you have to install the Chrome browser. If you have installed you could skip this step.
  2. Secondly, open the Chrome web store or Microsoft Edge Add-ons.
  3. Thirdly, click the button 'Add to Chrome' or 'Get' at the right side position to install.
  4. Forth, set your language at the Language Setting page.

language setting snapshot

You installed successfully through 4 steps. Enjoy it.


推荐通过Chrome web store 或 Microsoft Edge Add-ons安装(最新版Edge浏览器也可通过此方法安装)。无法访问国际网络可通过以下教程安装,安装后可正常使用。

  1. 点击我下载安装包(版本3.9.92)。
  2. 将安装包放到固定目录下解压,解压后此文件夹不能删除。
  3. 拷贝地址:chrome://extensions/ 到Chrome浏览器, 进入扩展管理面板,如下图开启“开发者模式”。

    download install package

  4. 点击“Load unpacked”,选择进入到文件夹的根目录burning-vocabulary.3.9.92,然后点击确定。

    download install package

  5. 设置语言,选择你的母语和英语,至此安装完成。


Mark new words

Open any web page by Chrome browser. For instance, if your marked language is English, open an English web page.

Solution 1. Select the new word that you don't know. Mark the word with mouse right-click. The definition of the marked word will be shown immediately.

Solution 2. Mouse double click the word that you want to mark.

If the marked word appears on any other web page or pdf file, it will be automatically marked. You can review this word again in different contexts.

Check word's definition

Just move the mouse cursor enter the words that you marked. Then it will show the word's definition with a mini popup. You can also check the word's pronunciation.
Closing popup, just scroll your mouse wheel or left-click none-popup area.

the example checking word's definition on any webpage
the example checking word's definition on Dashboard

You don't need to google or check dictionary. You just focus on this word. It's easy to use to save your life.

Addition features

Open the link below by the Chrome browser. Then, click the big button 'BUY 1 YEAR' or 'Subscribe' with an orange color. Type your email and pay it. Then, you have the PRO features. Enjoy it. 

'BUY 1 YEAR' means you just pay for 1 year, the expires is 1 year, We will do not charge you later except you buy again. 'Subscribe' means a long term, but you can cancel at any time on Grumroads. We use Gumraod to support our payment system. You can safely use Gumroad, Gumroad have sent over $242M.


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Check the sentence snapshot of words

  1. Firstly, Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Secondly, click the 'Burning Vocabulary' App in the browser's toolbar at the right-top, and then click 'Dashboard' button at the popup bottom.
  3. Enter the vocabulary Dashboard page, and then click 'Snapshot' at the top menu.
  4. Or you could see a snapshot on your phone browser.

Then, you will see the words' sentence snapshot.

sentence snapshot

Practice by vocabulary flashcards

If you will have a vocabulary quiz or you want to expand your vocabulary as soon as possible. You can practice vocabulary by flashcards. Just enter the Dashboard page, and then click the menu Flashcards at the top menu. Just jump to next if you know the current word.

vocabulary flashcards animation

You can use a mouse, arrow keys on the keyboard, or space button on the keyboard to control.

Use keyboards to control flashcards

Use blank space to flip Flashcards, use arrow keys to page down or up Flashcards.

Use 'R' to check the definition of the word.

keyboard controal

Import words list

  1. Firstly, Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Secondly, click the 'Burning Vocabulary' App in the browser's toolbar at the right-top, and then click 'Dashboard' button at the popup bottom.
  3. Enter vocabulary dashboard page, and then click the menu Import at the top menu.

    the snapshot of import custom vocabulary

  4. Or you could add new words on your phone browser

Remove the marked word

We don't want to mark some words sometimes on web page. You can remove these words by vocabulary calendar.

  1. Firstly, Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Secondly, click the 'Burning Vocabulary' App in the browser's toolbar at the right-top, and then click 'Dashboard' button at the popup bottom.
  3. Enter vocabulary dashboard page, and then move your mouse cursor to the words line, it will be showing a small 'x' button, click it, then here is a confirm.
  4. After removing the word and refresh your web page, the word deleted will not be marked. Enjoy it.

Mark words on PDF file.

You may read some paper, e-book, etc sometimes. You can also mark new words on pdf file by using this tool.

Solution 1: Open online pdf file to mark words.

Solution 2: Open local pdf file to mark words.
  1. Open the URL ( chrome://extensions/ ) by Chrome browser and then click the button `Details`.

  2. Switch on Allow access to file URLs. That means give it access to local pdf file permission.

  3. Reopen local pdf files by Chrome browser. Like a normal web page, just select word and then right-click, mark the word.

    the snapshot of marking on pdf

Switch on PDF file setting on Dashboard Setting if you'd like open by default with BV.

Why I can't open a pdf file after the steps?

It may be not a standard pdf format file though some other program can open it.

Mark words on Youtube subtitles

  1. Firstly, switch on subtitles/CC.
  2. Secondly, just move your mouse cursor to the captions' words that you don't understand. Then auto-mark the words and auto-collected.
    mark words on youtube's subtitle

Reivew vocabulary on phone

Licensed users can review and add words by our PWA app supporting Android and iOS.

  1. Firstly, open the address below on your phone browser 

  2. Secondly, validate your license on that page.

  3. Then you can review your marked vocabulary on your phone.

  4. It's very convenient reviewing the words that you marked if you add shortcuts to your phone home screen. It's like a phone app. How to add shortcuts to phone screen?

Still need help? Contact Us.