Install Burning Vocabulary

Burning Vocabulary offers a browser extension for Windows SystemWindows, macOSmacOS, Android SystemAndroid system.

Note: the iOS/iPadOS version comming soon.

Windows SystemWindows System  macOSmacOS

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and visit the Chrome web store .
  2. Click Add to Chrome to start the download and install.

Windows SystemWindows System  macOSmacOS

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser, and visit the Edge Add-ons .
  2. Click Get button,and then press Add Extension to install.
Add extension

Set your language after install successfully.

Android SystemAndroid System

  1. Install Lemur browser through Google Play store.
  2. Open the management interface of Lemur Browser (as shown below).
  3. Open the Edge Web Store (as shown below).
  4. Search for "Burning Vocabulary", then click to download and install.

After installation is complete,double-tap a word with your fingerto mark the word. Burning Vocabulary's Edge Store page

If you have a license, you can log in through your license, and the marked words will be synchronized on multiple devices.

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