A example showing mark & highlight words on any web page, on twitter, on youtube, on medium, etc.

Built to work on any website

BurningVocabulary runs on the Chrome browser as an extension so it works on any kind of website. You can mark the word on CNN, BBC, NBC News, Medium, PDF File, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, any web page.

Easier and smarter

Just right-click marking words. Collect your new vocabulary in one place. The saved words will be marked automatically if it appears on subsequent web pages. The original word also will be auto-marked. Auto-generated sentence snapshot.

Fast and Effectively

A new way to expand your vocabulary. Your brain loves events, news, tweet, etc, then mark these words to make you have a deep impression. Bring the new vocabulary into your real life, use it for everyday reading, focus on you don’t know. Reviewing by calendar vocabulary, Flashcards, Sentence snapshot.

Use for everyday reading

burning vocabulary curve

The reading becomes easier after one year later.

We keep improving the extension. To suggest a feature or report an issue, please feedback to us.

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