Learn vocabulary by highlighting words

Mark the words, auto-highlighted, building your vocabulary in everyday reading.

A example showing mark & highlight words on any web page, on twitter, on youtube, on medium, etc.
A example showing mark & highlight words on any web page, on twitter, on youtube, on medium, etc.

Built to work on any website

Burning Vocabulary runs on the Browser as an extension so it works on any kind of website. You can mark the word on any web page like The New York Times, BBC news, Medium, Bloomberg, PDF File, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

PDF file, Reading, Information

Mark English words pdf file

How to use it? (Support local or online PDF file).

Easier and smarter

Automatically displays word definitions, auto-saves, auto-pronounces, trains according to memory curves, and collect your new vocabulary in one place.

The saved words will be marked automatically if they appear on subsequent web pages. The words’ original forms will also be auto-marked and the sentence snapshot will be auto-generated.

Focus on your new vocabulary

Focus on your new vocabulary

Fast and Effective

A new way to help you improve your vocabulary. Your brain loves news, events, Tweets, information you see, and marking words you don't understand in the meantime makes a deep impression.

Focus on the vocabulary you don't understand and bring this vocabulary into your daily reading. Practice with calendar vocabulary, flashcards, and sentence snapshots.

Touch the subtitles, immersive learning

Install, then try it on this video. How does it work?

Flashcards Memory
Spaced Repetition

Automatically schedule training cycles

Your new words pocket, review in any where

Web App for Burning Vocabulary Web App for Burning Vocabulary

Words App How to use?

Why is it so effective?

burning vocabulary curve

One year later, the reading becomes confident.

Essential tool for English learners.

We keep improving the extension. To suggest a feature or report an issue, please send us a feedback.

You can also learn and highlight Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc 11 languages.