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  • Look up words
  • Vocabulary calendar
  • Sentence snapshot
  • Youtube videos' subtitles/CC
  • Mark words on web page (Limit)

$39 / year

  • Look up words
  • Vocabulary calendar
  • Sentence snapshot
  • Youtube videos' subtitles/CC
  • Mark words on web page
  • Print vocabulary list
  • Vocabulary flashcards
  • Mark words on PDF file
  • Import vocabulary
  • Cloud auto-sync
  • Word frequency
  • Email reminder
  • Review words on mobile

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Why am I paying for?

Hello! We need to feed our team members, pay for the servers, and network traffic.
Charging is the only way we make money. That's why you are using a stable and cool tool.

Please email us if you have any question:

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Word Definition

Look up words on any web page or dashboard page.

Vocabulary Calendar

Vocabulary Calendar Dashboard.

Includes week and month mode.

Sentence Snapshot

Check the word's sentence Snapshot.

Youtube videos' subtitles/CC

Learn English words while watching Youtube videos.

Mark words

Collect and save the new words on any web page.


Total saved words


Vocabulary Flashcards

Practice your vocabulary by Flashcards. Default, reverse, random sort.

Default sort

Print Marked Vocabulary

Print your weekly marked words or monthly marked words


If the collected vocabulary appears on any other web page, it will be marked automatically.

Import Vocabulary

Import your own vocabulary list.

Reviewing the vocabulary on any page.

PDF File Support

Mark words in pdf file by Chrome.

Open your local PDF file or online PDF file by Google Chrome and then mark words.

Cloud auto-sync

Sync the words to any computer that supports Chrome, such as your office computer, personal computer, etc.

Word frequency

If the frequency is high, then the word is probably a useful one to learn

Email reminder

You can review the words with everyday email reminder.

Review on Phone

You can use PWA app to review your marked vocabulary on your phone.


Email support

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Frequently asked questions

Does the extension work with every website?

Yes, Burning Vocabulary runs on the Chrome browser as an extension, it works on any web page.

How can I receive the next updates?

The extension for Chrome will be automatically updated as soon as we deliver new updates.

Why the saved words disappear?

If a free user uninstalls the extension, the marked words will disappear.

How many languages does it support?

We support 30+ popular languages like English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

What will I get if I buy?

First, you will get the permission features and a license of our extension. Second, we are happy to provide support if you have some problems with our extension. Third, you may get our new features for free.

Can I use my license on different computers?

Yes, you can use your license on different devices, such as your office computer or personal computer, etc.