Mark Words on web page

Mark and save the words you don't understand while browsing web page on Medium, CNN, Twitter, Reddit, or any web page.

a screenshot to show mark word

Mark on PDF File

You can mark words on pdf file, review the words that auto-marked. Novels, papers, e-book, etc.

a screenshot to show marking on pdf file

Reinforce Word

If the marked words appear in another web page or pdf file, it would be auto-marked.
You can review and track it again. Repeat, repeat, ..

a screenshot to show automatically mark word

Calendar Vocabulary

Vocabulary collection makes you have an overview. Keep all your vocabulary in one place! Print the list as your new vocabulary paper.

Words Calendar list

Import Custom Vocabulary

You can import your own vocabulary list. Its will be auto-marked if these words appear on any page or pdf. You can review it on any other context

A screenshot on importing custom vocabulary

Sentence Screenshot

Word sentence screenshot makes you recall the word. Memorize it easily in the context sentence. More efficient.

Sentence Screenshot Picture

Word Definition

Speech, native and English definition, just mark or mouse enter the word, save your time. Easy dictionary.

the definition screenshot of word


Practice and master your vocabulary sets that you marked by flashcards each days.

Review collected on the phone

Review Anywhere

Review your collected vocabulary on the phone.

Review collected on the phone

Easy to use, friendly on your webpage