Highlight words on Pad or Phone

Only supports Android system.

Highlight words on Tablet or Phone when reading with Kiwi Browser.
Just tap twice on the same word with a finger to highlight the word.

How to use?

Step 1:Install Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is an open source browser that you can install via Google play, or download the apk package on Github to install.

Step 2:Install Burning Vocabulary

Open the Chrome web store in Kiwi browser to install Burning Vocabulary extension, this installation process is the same as the computer side installation.

Step 3:Verify License

Verify that License syncs words marked on other devices via Dashboard.
If you do not have a License, verifying your License is not required.

Step 4:Highlight words

Open any English web page and click on the same word twice in a row to mark the word; click once on the automatically marked word to view the definition of the word.
You can go to the vocabulary calendar to delete words.

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