Review words with Flashcards

Generates training plans based on the forgetting curve; the card training is synchronised with the mobile phone, so you can review anytime and anywhere.

10 minutes of vocabulary card training a day is an efficient and fast short-term memory training.

Spaced Repetition Curve

Word Flashcards

Just enter the Dashboard page, and then click the menu Flashcards at the top menu. Just jump to next if you know the current word.

vocabulary flashcards animation

You can use a mouse, arrow keys on the keyboard, or space button on the keyboard to control.

Spaced Repetition

The word training plan is automatically generated; each day you train on a tagged card, the word card will add up your training to project the next day's review words. If you forget to train one day you don't have to, the word effect will automatically decay into the near future for you to train.

vocabulary flashcards review

Training Notification

First you need you to turn on notification in Dashboard's settings; there will be a daily reminder.

Training Notification

Turn on or "permanently turn off" reminders by setting them in the Dashboard.

Shortcuts to control flashcards

You can use keyboard shortcuts to control flashcards.

Method 1: Arrow keys

Space Bar,,flip flashcard. next flahcard. previous flashcard. rshow the definition.

keyboard controal

Method 2: AWSD keys

w,sflip flashcard. dnext flahcard. aprevious flashcard. rshow the definition.

WASD keyboard controal

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