Update Log

English pronunciation (Version: 3.10.126)

Update date: 2021-05-19

  • Support American English pronunciation and British English pronunciation.

Bug Fixed (Version: 3.10.125)

Update date: 2021-05-09

  • Fixed bug on Desktop touch device like Microsoft Surface.

Support TED Talks subtitles(Version: 3.10.123)

Update date: 2021-04-30

Support Netflix(Version: 3.10.120)

Highlight words on Netflix video subtitles.

Update date: 2021-03-25

Touch devices bug fixed(Version: 3.9.119)

It's a stable version on Android devices (Tablet and Phone).

Update date: 2021-03-17

  • Fixed the most commom error when highlight words on Android devices.
  • The pronunciation of word converted English to Chinese is British pronunciation.

Bug fixed and Feature optimized(Version: 3.9.118)

This update logs include version from 3.9.114 to 3.9.118.

Update date: 2021-03-03

  • Sentence snapshot Optimized.
  • Support touch Spanish, French, German on Youtube subtitles.
  • Fixed marking not right words when using on a Touch device.
  • Fixed can't mark words when switching Youtube subtitles language.
  • Improving Performance.

Support touch devices(Version: 3.9.113)

This update logs include version from 3.9.108 to 3.9.113.

Update date: 2021-01-24

  • Add: Support highlight words on Kiwi browser (Support Tablet and Phone with Android system).
  • Add: Support Spanish, French, German when highlight words on Youtube subtitles.
  • Add: Auto-highlight verb. original.
  • Paste plain text when modify definition.
  • Optimize animation performance.
  • Bug fixed: sentence snapshot, PDF scrolldown when press whitespace.

Shortcut, Sentence snapshot, part of speech(Version: 3.9.108)

This update logs include version from 3.9.103 to 3.9.108.

Update date: 2020-12-06

  • Add: Keyboard shortcut ee.
  • Add: Export all marked words.
  • Add: Support part of speech. ex. Convert past format to normal verb.
  • Add: Remove auto-mark dom after delete the marked words.
  • Optimize sentence snapshot.
  • Bug fixed: translate, support feedly.com.

Performance and Touch Support(Version: 3.9.102)

Performance big improvment, Support Kiwi browser auto-mark.

Update date: 2020-10-20

mark words with kiwi browser

Optimization (Version: 3.9.99)

Some bugs fixed and do some optimize.

Update date: 2020-09-30

  • Compatible with Google 'Translate to xxx'.
  • Fixed auto-tagging on Medium causing page crashes in special cases.
  • Optimize review notification include less disturb and active tab when click the notification panel.
  • Friendly tips when mark words on PDF file.
  • New shortcut key ee, when you select a word, quickly press keyboard ee to display word definition.

Review notification (Version: 3.9.95)

The Burning Vocabulary will notify you to review your new vocabulary with the Flashcards.

Update date: 2020-08-31

Spaced repetition curve

Spaced repetition (Version: 3.9.93)

You can use spaced repetition with flashcards to review your new vocabulary.

Update date: 2020-08-22

Spaced repetition curve

Mouse double click to mark words (Version: 3.8.82)

You can switch off it on the setting page of Dashboard if you think it disturbs you.

Update date: 2020-06-11

Youtube Videos Subtitles/CC (Version: 3.8.80)

Learn English words while watching Youtube videos. Just move your mouse cursor on the subtitles to mark the words that you don't understand. The marked words are also auto-marked on subtitles/CC.

Update date: 2020-06-02

mark words on Youtube subtitles/CC

Email Reminder (Version: 2.7.78)

You can review the marked words with everyday email reminders.

Update date: 2020-05-14

Email reminder